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New Texts added in the TLG Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

More than 70 texts have been recently to the TLG. These new additions include authors like Blemmydes, Gregoras, Chrysoloras, Barlaam, Photius, or Symeon of Thessaloniki. 0651 ANTONINUS LIBERALIS Myth. (2 works) 0733 CASSIUS Iatrosophista Med. (1 work) 1375 EVANGELIUM THOMAE Apocryph. et Evangel. (1 work) 1451 JOSEPHUS ET ASENETH Hagiogr., Pseudepigr. et Narr. Fict. (1 work) 2598 PROCOPIUS Scr. Eccl. et Rhet. (1 work) 2819 LEONTIUS Theol. (2 works) 2938 GERMANUS II Scr. Eccl. (3 works) 3019 CHRISTOPHORUS Mytilenaeus Poeta (1 work) 3054 JOANNES IV (vel V) Oxeïtes Scr. Eccl. (2 works) 3092 Nicephorus BLEMMYDES Phil. et Theol. (1 work) 3099 Nicetas STETHATUS Theol. et Hagiogr. (2 works) 3142 Georgius PACHYMERES Hist., Philol. et Scr. Eccl. (4 works) 3159 BARLAAM Calabrius Epist., Theol. et Math. (2 works) 3169 Joannes VI CANTACUZENUS (1 work) 3191 Theodorus METOCHITES Polyhist. et Phil. (1 work) 3197 Demetrius CYDONES Philol., Theol. et Transl. (6 works) 3202 Georgius GEMISTUS Phil.

Read online: Byzantium and the Greek Identity, ed. P. Magdalino

Read here a volume on Byzantium and the Modern Greek Identity : This collection of commissioned essays aims to present an overview of some of the different tendencies manifested by modern Greek attitudes to Byzantium since the late 18th-century Enlightenment.