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New Issues of Byzantine Studies Journals

Byzantinische Zeitschrift , August 2011 Die Argumentation des Patriarchen Gregorios II. Kyprios zur Widerlegung des Filioque-Ansatzes in der Schrift. De processione Spiritus sancti, Theodoros Alexopoulos Leo III and the Anemodoulion, Benjamin Anderson A Poem of Philes to Makarios Chrysokephalos? The Case of Poem Florentinus 58, Marina Bazzani Procopius De aedificiis 4.2.1–22 on the Thermopylae Frontier, William J. Cherf Theophanes Continuatus VI and De Cerimoniis, Jeffrey Michael Featherstone The Term Kandaulos/Kandylos in the Lexicon of Photius and the Commentarii ad Homeri Iliadem of Eustathius of Thessalonica, Maciej Kokoszko, Katarzyna Gibel-Buszewska A Rhetorical Declamation of Sophonias the Monk and Paraphrast, Denis M. Searby, Ambjörn Sjörs Ein Griechischer Doppelvers Sulān Walads Neu Gelesen, Dimitri Theodoridis You can read these articles if you sign up (for free) for the summer offer of De Gruyter. Click here for more info. Byzantine and Modern