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New Book on Early Monastic Practices and Coptic Christianity

The Canons of Our Fathers. Monastic Rules of Shenoute by Bentley Layton From the presentation of the book: This book is the first publication of a very early collection of Christian monastic rules from Roman Egypt. Designed for the so-called White Monastery Federation, a community of monks and nuns who banded together about 360 CE, the rules are quoted by the great monastic leader Shenoute of Atripe in his writings of the fourth and fifth century. These rules provide new and intimate access to the earliest phases of Christian communal (cenobitic) monasticism. The Table of Contents : Preface I: The Nature of the Rules Introduction 1: The Historical Context of the Rules 2: The Corpus of Monastic Rules 3: Monastic Life as seen in the Rules 4: Monastic Experience and Monastic Rules Subject Index to Part I Index of Rule Numbers cited in Part III I: Corpus of Monastic Rules Abbreviations for Libraries and Museums Holding the Coptic Manuscripts Editorial SignsThe Rules,