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Open Greek and Latin Project

Via Gregory Crane The Open Greek and Latin Project proposes to provide an extensive foundation for Open Access and Open Data research in the study of Greek and Latin, creating a collection, available under a CC-BY-SA license, of works produced from the Homeric epics in the mid-eighth century BCE through the 20th century CE and including content from public domain editions (including editions published as late as 1991 in 2017 under German law). Building directly upon more than 25 years of continuous research and development by the Perseus Digital Library and upon recent breakthrough work on OCR for Classical Greek, Open Greek and Latin proposes a new collection with the following layers: (1) c. 3 billion words of Greek and Latin from public domain books with library metadata generated by OCR optimized for those languages; (2) c. 1 billion words of Greek and Latin with reasonable metadata for composition date and/or of reasonably datable text; (3) 500 million words of text with met