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BMCR Review of Cécile Morrisson (ed.), Trade and Markets in Byzantium by Matt Gibbs

This collection, edited by Cécile Morrisson, is the fourth volume of the Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Symposia and Colloquia to be published, and it is the first dedicated to the Byzantine economy. The volume contains an introduction and seventeen individual chapters by an array of well-known scholars of antiquity and the medieval period. The book is divided into four sections that are both broadly chronological and thematic. Morrisson’s introduction sets out the aims of both the earlier symposium and the volume. It highlights the importance of trade as well as the areas of study in the Byzantine economy neglected by both archaeologists and historians. The symposium aims to combat this. The reasons behind the emphasis on trade and markets here as opposed to the Byzantine economy itself are made clear, as is the existence of a general consensus among the participants concerning the criteria for local, regional, and interregional exchanges as well as the regulation, control, and paymen

New Texts on TLG

TLG has recently announced the addition of 93 new texts to its growing collection. 0540    LYSIAS Orat. 037 De caede Eratosthenis 038 Epitaphius 039 Contra Simonem 040 $*PERI TRAU/MATOS E)K PRONOI/AS U(PER OU(= KAI PROS O(N [2A)/DHLON]2& 041 Pro Callia 042 In Andocidem 043 Areopagiticus 044 $*KATHGORI/A PROS TOUS SUNOUSIASTAS KAKOLOGIW=N& 045 Pro milite 046 In Theomnestum 047 In Theomnestum II 048 In Eratosthenem 049 In Agoratum 050 In Alcibiadem 1 051 In Alcibiadem 2 052 Pro Mantitheo 053 $*PROS TO DHMO/SION PERI TW=N *)ERA/TWNOS XRHMA/TWN& 054 $*PERI TH=S DHMEU/SEWS [2TW=N]2 TOU= *NIKI/OU A)DELFOU= E)PI/LOGOS& 055 $*(UPER TW=N *)ARISTOFA/NOUS XRHMA/TWN, PROS TO DHMO/SION& 056 Pro Polystrato 057 $*)APOLOGI/A DWRODOKI/AS A)PARA/SHMOS& 058 $*KATA TW=N SITOPWLW=N& 059 In Pancleonem 060 $*(UPER TOU= A)DUNA/TOU& 061 $*DH/MOU KATALU/SEWS A)POLOGI/A& 062 $*PERI TH=S *EU)A/NDROU DOKIMASI/AS& 063 In Epicratem 064 In Ergocl

CRISIS Images, Interpretations and Reactions in the Greek, Latin and Byzantine World

Call for papers (University of Turin) CRISIS Images, Interpretations and Reactions in the Greek, Latin and Byzantine World Our time seems to be ruled by crisis. Economic, cultural and social crisis, which leads to a loss of identity and dismay. Nevertheless, crisis, when properly detected and analysed, may represent a rare opportunity for change and renewal. Given the specific nature of the present condition, an exploration of how the concept of crisis has been recognized, categorised, understood, and addressed over the past ages of our civilization seems to be necessary. Indeed, such an analysis may be lead to a better definition of the meaning of modern times, either by analogy or contrast.   --> The Scuola di Dottorato in Culture Classiche e Moderne —PhD programme in Greek, Latin and Byzantine Philology— of the University of Turin will host a conference exploring the theme of Crisis in the Greek, Latin and Byzantine world, focusing particularly on philol