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New Groundbreaking Book: Dialogues and Debates from Late Antiquity to Late Byzantium

Some interesting articles: PATRICK ANDRIST: Literary distance and complexity in late antique and early Byzantine Greek dialogues Adversus Iudaeos PÉTER TÓTH: New wine in old wineskin: Byzantine reuses of the apocryphal revelation dialogue   FLORIN LEONTE: Dramatisation and narrative in late Byzantine dialogues:Manuel II Palaiologos’s On Marriage and Mazaris’ Journey to Hades   NIELS GAUL: Embedded dialogues and dialogical voices in Palaiologan prose and verse   From the editors (Niels Gaul and Averil Cameron): Dialogues and Debates from Late Antiquity to Late Byzantium offers the first overall discussion of the literary and philosophical dialogue tradition in Greek from imperial Rome to the end of the Byzantine empire and beyond. Sixteen case studies combine theoretical approaches with in-depth analysis and include comparisons with the neighbouring Syriac, Georgian, Armenian and Latin traditions. Following an introduction and a discussion of Plutarch as a writer o