Resources for the study of Greek, Latin, Armenian, Georgian and Coptic cults of saints

The UK based project, Cult of Saints from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world, has recently published a list of great resources for the students of medieval cults of saints in a variety of languages.

Click here to access the list and the project's website.

The aims of the project:
The project, which launched in January 2014, will map the cult of saints as a system of beliefs and practices in its earliest and most fluid form, from its origins until around AD 700 (by which date most cult practices were firmly established): the evolution from honouring the memory of martyrs, to their veneration as intercessors and miracle-workers; the different ways that saints were honoured and their help solicited; the devotion for relics, sacred sites and images; the miracles expected from the saints.


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