Heroes of the frontiers in European Literature, History and Ethnography:

The European Acritic Heritage Network or “ACRINET” has embarked on a
comprehensive, interdisciplinary study of the acritic tradition and the symbolism conveyed by such notions as “frontier guard-acritan”, “edge”, “boundary”,
“otherness”, “identity” or “diversity”, in older and contemporary societies. The
present edition is the result of an initiative taken by ACRINET, whose various
activities have been co-funded by the European Commission.
The ambition of ACRINET is to demonstrate to the general European public
the virtues of peaceful coexistence in a multicultural environment, as well as to
emphasise the continuing legacy of the themes to be found in acritic songs and
t exts. Within this context, the ACRINET partners investigate the evolution,
transformation, and surviving documents of the acritic tradition in Europe.
Researchers from the participating institutions apply a wide range of methodologies, including historical, literary and ethnographic ones. At the same time, they
observe and record cultural elements belonging to the acritic tradition that continue to exist in our time in spontaneous collective art forms, rituals and customs.
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