Charles Diehl, Byzantine Civilization online

Charles Diehl, 
Byzantine Civilization 

This study, which appeared as Chapter 24 in Volume 4 of the Cambridge Medieval History (Cambridge, 1923), was written by the noted Byzantinist Charles Diehl and covers the period from the 4th through the 15th centuries. Topics in Chapter 24 ["Byzantine Civilisation"] include: Splendour of Constantinople; Twofold aspect of Byzantine civilisation; Constantinople's extent and walls; Its plan in the tenth century; The population of Constantinople; Religion; St Sophia; The power of Monasticism; The Sacred Palace; Imperial ceremonial; Court life: intrigues; Part played by women; Luxury of society; The Hippodrome and the factions; The populace; Bazaars and gilds; Commerce; Culture; The University of Constantinople; History; Theology; Poetry; Art; The provinces; The towns; The countryside; Power of the great nobles; The Byzantine character; Oriental, Greek, and Christian influences; Virtues and defects of the Byzantines; The inheritance of Europe from Byzantium; Byzantium and the Renaissance. Includes Title Page, Table of Contents, Chapter 24 (pp. 745-777), Bibliography for Chapter 24 (p. 896-898), Abbreviations, and Chronological Table in 50 pdf pages. Book digitized by Google, article extracted and uploaded by user Robert Bedrosian.


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