Exhibition: "THE GOLDEN BYZANTIUM & THE ORIENT", 3/31-11/4/2012

At the end of March 2012, a major exhibition on Byzantium and its relations with and impacts on the medieval world will open at the Schallaburg in Lower Austria. Scientific partner of the exhibition is the Institute for Byzantine Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
From the description of the exhibition:
"The Byzantine Empire has been brought back to life at the Schallaburg Castle, more than 550 years after its downfall. The exhibition spotlights important aspects of Byzantine culture and society. The elaborate works of art that emerged from the workshops of the empire are on display for the first time in Austria, showing the gold, silk, and ivory crafting techniques that have remained unmatched over the centuries. However, not only the splendor of the "Golden Byzantium" is on exhibit, but also the everyday living habits of its people."
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