Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library

Harvard University Press has recently inaugurated a new series of translations from medieval authors. The series took its name from the Center of Byzantine Studies Dumbarton Oaks, Washington DC. It aims to produce translations of texts from Byzantine Greek, Latin, and Old English and it will include other vernacular languages in the future. The subjects of the translations range from the Vulgate Bible to saints'lives, travelogues and epic or lyric poetry.
The director of the Dumbarton Oaks Institute, Jan M. Ziolkowski, is the general editor of the series. He describes this new collection as " a groundbreaking new facing-page translation series designed to make written achievements of medieval and Byzantine culture available to both scholars and general readers in the English-speaking world."(source)
 Here is a list of the volumes published so far:
The Vulgate Bible, Volume I: The Pentateuch: Douay-Rheims Translation (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library)

The Beowulf Manuscript (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library)

The Arundel Lyrics. The Poems of Hugh Primas (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library)

The Rule of Saint Benedict (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library)

The Vulgate Bible, Volume II: The Historical Books: Douay-Rheims Translation, Part B (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library)

Old Testament Narratives (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library)


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