Digitized manuscripts at the Leimonos monastery Lesbos

The Digital Library of Leimonos Monastery aims at highlighting the written cultural legacy that can be found at the display bookshelves and the cases of Leimonos Library during the five centuries of its operation, from 1526 A.D until today. The library was established within the framework of the program “Elevation and promotion of the cultural wealth of Leimonos Monastery, Lesvos with the use of new technologies”.
The Digital Library is divided, as in its initial prototype, into three parts, the collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine manuscripts, the Library of prototype books and the Archive of Greek and Ottoman documents.
This website presents part of Leimonos written wealth, while summary descriptions are also included.  Specifically, more than 108 manuscripts are presented and some of the monastery’s old documents and books as well. Our future goal is the constant renewal of the Digital Library not only by enriching descriptions, but also by publishing the monastery’s written wealth with the ultimate aim of highlighting its whole part.
For any further information concerning the material and its scientific utilization, you can contact the Assistant Professor Apostolos Spanos, who is responsible for the Digital Library.

Click here for to access the manuscripts


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