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New Byzantine texts added to the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Project

New Byzantine texts have been added on Thesaurus Linguae Graecae platform. Here is the list:

0082APOLLONIUS DYSCOLUS Gramm. (2 works)
2042ORIGENES Theol. (1 work)
2873EUSTRATIUS Presbyter Scr. Eccl. (1 work)
2921THEODORUS Spudaeus Scr. Eccl. (1 work)
2938GERMANUS II Scr. Eccl. (2 works)
2944LEO VI SAPIENS Imperator Phil., Scr. Eccl. et Poeta (1 work)
3077MICHAEL I CERULARIUS Scr. Eccl. et Theol. (1 work)
3079Michael ATTALIATES Hist. (1 work)
3092Nicephorus BLEMMYDES Phil. et Theol. (4 works)
3169Joannes VI CANTACUZENUS (2 works)
3191Theodorus METOCHITES Phil. et Polyhist. (2 works)
3197Demetrius CYDONES Theol., Transl. et Philol. (1 work)
3213Prochorus CYDONES Theol. et Transl. (1 work)
3217Nilus CABASILAS Theol. (2 works)
3248Joannes CYPARISSIOTES Theol. (1 work)
3257David DISHYPATUS Theol. (1 work)
3345CALLISTUS I Patriarcha Scr. Eccl. et Orat. (3 works)
3346Andreas CHRYSOBERGES Theol. (1 work)
4146Maximus PLANUDES Polyhist. et Theol. (1 work)
4286LEXICA SYNTACTICA Lexicogr. (1 wor…