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Manuscript Search Tool from Dumbarton Oaks, Washington DC

The Dumbarton Oaks Research Library holds almost 2000 microfilm rolls that are reproductions of medieval and early modern manuscripts, the originals of which are held in institutions around the world. This database allows researchers to search for specific manuscripts represented within the collection.

Click here to consult the database

Latest Issue of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Journal

The aristocratic oikos on the Vrina Plain, Butrint c. AD 830−1200
pp. 1-19(19)
Authors: Greenslade, Simon; Hodges, Richard

The illusion of continuity: Nikephoros Phokas, John Tzimiskes and the eastern border
pp. 20-34(15)
Author: Garrood, William

The original source for Tzimiskes' Balkan campaign (971 AD) and the emperor's classicizing propaganda
pp. 35-52(18)
Author: Kaldellis, Anthony

At the origins of ephoreia*
pp. 53-62(10)
Author: Chitwood, Zachary

The fair of Agios Demetrios of 26 October 1449: Byzantine-Venetian relations and land issues in mid-century*
pp. 63-80(18)
Author: Wright, Diana Gilliland

Contemporary perception of Byzantium in Turkish cinema: the cross-examination of Battal Gazi films with the Battalname

pp. 81-91(11)
Authors: Bayrı, Buket Kitapçı

Nicosia and its municipal administration during the very early years of British rule in Cyprus
pp. 92-110(19)
Author: Markides, Diana

`Peasantist nationalism' in inter-war Greece (1927-41)
pp. 111-129(19)
Author: Ploumi…