Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Download and Read: W. Treadgold, A History of Byzantine State and Society

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Spanning twelve centuries and three continents, the Byzantine Empire linked the ancient and modern worlds, shaping and transmitting Greek, Roman, and Christian traditions—including the Greek classics, Roman law, and Christian theology—that remain vigorous today, not only in Eastern Europe and the Middle East but throughout Western civilization. Though in its politics Byzantium often resembled a third-world dictatorship, it has never yet been matched in maintaining a single state for so long, over a wide area inhabited by heterogeneous peoples.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In search of a Byzantine ship: The Black Sea

Follow the adventure of a team of archeologists examining a perfectly preserved Byzantine ship. A short documentary from National Geographic.

Monday, March 16, 2015

New Book on Byzantine Literature of 12th c by Ingela Nilsson

A new book by I. Nilsson (Uppsala) on the literature of the 12th c.:
This study uses Byzantine novels as a window onto the twelfth-century literary world, concentrating in particular on the function of narrative techniques and structures. More general questions such as the relationship between form and content, reality and fiction, gender and the individual are also addressed.
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Texts added in the TLG Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

More than 70 texts have been recently to the TLG. These new additions include authors like Blemmydes, Gregoras, Chrysoloras, Barlaam, Photius, or Symeon of Thessaloniki.

0651 ANTONINUS LIBERALIS Myth. (2 works) 0733 CASSIUS Iatrosophista Med. (1 work) 1375 EVANGELIUM THOMAE Apocryph. et Evangel. (1 work) 1451 JOSEPHUS ET ASENETH Hagiogr., Pseudepigr. et Narr. Fict. (1 work) 2598 PROCOPIUS Scr. Eccl. et Rhet. (1 work) 2819 LEONTIUS Theol. (2 works) 2938 GERMANUS II Scr. Eccl. (3 works) 3019 CHRISTOPHORUS Mytilenaeus Poeta (1 work) 3054 JOANNES IV (vel V) Oxeïtes Scr. Eccl. (2 works) 3092 Nicephorus BLEMMYDES Phil. et Theol. (1 work) 3099 Nicetas STETHATUS Theol. et Hagiogr. (2 works) 3142 Georgius PACHYMERES Hist., Philol. et Scr. Eccl. (4 works) 3159 BARLAAM Calabrius Epist., Theol. et Math. (2 works) 3169 Joannes VI CANTACUZENUS (1 work) 3191 Theodorus METOCHITES Polyhist. et Phil. (1 work) 3197 Demetrius CYDONES Philol., Theol. et Transl. (6 works) 3202 Georgius GEMISTUS Phil. (1 work) 3205 THEODORUS II DUCAS LASCARIS Theol. et Rhet. (1 work) 3230 Manuel CALECAS Epist., Philol. et Theol. (1 work) 3232 SYMEON THESSALONICENSIS Scr. Eccl. (2 works) 3248 Joannes CYPARISSIOTES Theol. (1 work) 3254 Gregorius PALAMAS Theol. et Scr. Eccl. (4 works) 3348 Manuel CHRYSOLORAS Gramm. (1 work) 3349 DOROTHEUS Mytilenaeus Theol. (1 work) 4040 PHOTIUS Theol., Scr. Eccl. et Lexicogr. (1 work) 4145 Nicephorus GREGORAS Hist. et Scr. Rerum Nat. (4 works) 4146 Maximus PLANUDES Polyhist. et Theol. (1 work) 4187 LEO MAGENTINUS Phil. (1 work) 4311 ETYMOLOGICUM SYMEONIS Lexicogr. (1 work) 4398 Marinus PHALIERUS Poeta (3 works) 4402 THEOCTISTUS STUDITES Hagiogr. et Hymnograph. (1 work) 4432 Joannes PICATORUS Poeta (1 work) 4433 Callistus ANGELICUDES Theol. (2 works) 4435 Manuel MELIGALAS Epist. (1 work) 5500 GEORGIUS CHORTATZES Trag. vel Comic. (1 work) 5504 PULOLOGUS Narr. Fict. et Satyr. (1 work) 5505 Georgius CHUMNUS Poeta (1 work) 9041 Demetrius PEPAGOMENUS Med. (2 works)

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Read online: Byzantium and the Greek Identity, ed. P. Magdalino

Read here a volume on Byzantium and the Modern Greek Identity:
This collection of commissioned essays aims to present an overview of some of the different tendencies manifested by modern Greek attitudes to Byzantium since the late 18th-century Enlightenment.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Online free book: The Glory of Byzantium: Art and Culture in the Middle Byzantine Era

Full access to a major resource for the study of Byzantine art:
The Glory of Byzantium: Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era, edited by Helen C. Evans, William D. Wixom:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hagia Sophia and the Byzantine Aesthetic

A new book on Hagia Sophia and the Byzantine Aesthetic Experience by Nadine Schibille.
From the introduction:
Paramount in the shaping of early Byzantine identity was the construction of the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (532-537 CE). This book examines the edifice from the perspective of aesthetics to define the concept of beauty and the meaning of art in early Byzantium. Byzantine aesthetic thought is re-evaluated against late antique Neoplatonism and the writings of Pseudo-Dionysius that offer fundamental paradigms for the late antique attitude towards art and beauty.

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