L’Annee Philologique is now available on EBSCOhost - Request a Trial

Dear Librarian,
We are pleased to inform you that L’Année Philologique, the definitive bibliographic source of scholarly works relating to all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, is now available on the powerful EBSCOhostplatform.  This database includes more than 810,000 records, with over 15,000 new records added every year, and indexes more than 1,000 journals—making it essential for providing comprehensive coverage of classical scholarship throughout the world. Records include abstracts for articles, reviews for monographs, and lists of content for edited volumes.
Accessing L’Année Philologique through EBSCOhost makes finding the content even easier and advanced search capabilities provide only the most relevant search results.
  • Clearly labeled citation fields in the record
  • The ability to cross reference search on authors, subjects, titles, etc.
  • Display information:
    • Language of article
    • Article type (article, book, etc.)
    • Subject indexing (including Names and Geographics, in addition to “Subjects and Disciplines” indexing)
  • Search limiters, such as Linked Full Text, Language of Article, Abstracts Available, Document Type and Publication Date
As a special offer, EBSCO would like to invite you to try L’Année Philologique for a free preview period.


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