Book Review: Aristoteles Latinus XVII 1.III, De motu animalium. Fragmenta translationis anonymae

Book review from BMCR: Pieter De Leemans, Aristoteles and Guilelmus (ed.), Aristoteles Latinus XVII 2.II-III, De progressu animalium; De motu animalium. Translatio Guilellmi de Morbeka. Turnhout: Brepols, 2011.  

The latest installment of the Aristoteles Latinus series comprises two volumes which contain the Medieval Latin versions of Aristotle’s De motu animalium and De progressu animalium. Both volumes, which were edited by Pieter de Leemans, are part of tome XVII of the Aristoteles Latinus. The first volume contains the text of an anonymous translation which had to be reconstructed on the basis of one of the writings of Albert the Great. The second volume encompasses a critical edition that collates the existing manuscripts of William of Moerbeke’s translation of De progressu animalium and De motu animalium. Read more


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